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Wild Alaskan Company Review

Sustainable, wild-caught seafood delivered right to your door.
Wild Alaskan Company
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If you like fresh Alaskan seafood, then Wild Alaskan Company is pretty much a dream come true.

Going on a fishing trip to Alaska to then ship yourself all of the wild-caught fish would be absurdly expensive, even though it sounds amazing.

That’s where Wild Alaskan Company comes into the picture. Their fish is wild-caught, flash frozen, and shipped directly to your front door. Sounds too good to be true, right?

That’s exactly why we placed a few orders for our team, so we could try it out and give you an informative review. Here we go!

What we liked

What we disliked

  • Smaller, individual orders aren’t available. However, to get around this, you can order one box and pause the subscription until you’re ready for more.

Ordering Online

This is where your experience will start, and thankfully, Wild Alaskan Company knows that and has made their website user friendly and quite easy to navigate. Plus, Wild Alaskan Company has gone to the work to offer up some helpful recipes, regardless of whether you order their product or not. It’s a nice touch and we appreciated taking a look at those recipes before deciding which box of fish to order.

Prices and options

The prices are extremely fair for what you get. Eating sustainable, wild-caught seafood isn’t cheap. Especially when you add in the convenience of having it shipped to your door.

Despite all of that, when all is said and done, each 6oz filet ends up costing approximately $12. For this quality of wild-caught seafood, that price point is very appropriate.

We also liked that they have 12-pack and 24-pack options available.


You can choose from three different boxes of fish.

  • Salmon (sockeye, coho, etc.)
  • Wild white fish only (halibut, cod, etc.)
  • Combo box (salmon + white fish assortment)

They sell the fish as a subscription model, which can be canceled anytime, no questions asked. So, if you can spend $145 per month on wild-caught seafood, this subscription is totally worth it, and we highly recommend it.

If not, perhaps you sign up occasionally for a month and then cancel until you want to order it again or try a different box. They make it easy to pause or cancel, and even offer an every-other-month subscription option. We like that approach for smaller families that may not consume as much seafood.

The fish are flash-frozen, so they’ll arrive at your door frozen and you can transfer them to your freezer until you’re ready to thaw and cook them.

Bottom line: There are just enough options here to make it feel natural and not overwhelming. We ordered the combo box and do not regret having the variety of fish to cook up for any given meal.

Packaging & Shipping

Other than our package arriving one day after its expected arrival date, the shipping process went quite smoothly.

Packaging & Shipping

The fish comes in a well-insulated, 100% recyclable container within a traditional cardboard box. We also liked that the insulation had some flexibility and added cushion so the fish didn’t get beat up in transport

Based on their packaging, we get the vibe that the company really cares about sustainability and the environment. And we respect that.

When the box arrived, the fish portions were still frozen and hard as a rock. So the insulation and dry ice worked as expected. We also appreciated some general cooking and preparation instructions that came in the box.

Overall Taste

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. How did the fish actually taste? Or would occasionally picking up salmon from your local supermarket or frozen from Costco suffice?

Fish Presentation - Feel the taste

This is REALLY good salmon. It tasted like salmon from fancy, expensive restaurants, and mind you, that’s with regular people cooking it, following online recipes.

The consistency was nice and flaky, but not too crumbly. We were able to cut distinct pieces and eat them fine without the frustrating feeling of picking up a bunch of small, hard-to-gather pieces.

The sockeye salmon brought home the gold for most of us, but the coho was delicious as well. The difference in taste was subtle. The sockeye tasted a bit less “oceany,” but both were mild and delicious.

We also took full advantage of the white fish (pollock, halibut, cod) that came in our shipment and celebrated Taco Tuesday in style. My, oh my, those were tacos to remember.

Fish Presentation
Fish Presentation

Bottom line: If you like salmon and are used to eating something store-bought, this will blow your mind. If you like eating salmon at fancy restaurants and want to bring that taste and quality home, you won’t be disappointed in the quality of this fish.

How it stacks up to the competition

Wild Alaskan Company isn’t the only company that ships wild-caught seafood to your door, but it may be the best. We have ordered shipments from Sizzlefish, Sea to Table, Sena Sea, and Lummi Island Wild. While the taste of the fish was comparable in a few instances, the overall experience from start to finish is what put Wild Alaskan Company on top.

From the easy-to-use website to convenient delivery and phenomenal taste, Wild Alaskan just outperformed its competitors.

Read our in-depth comparison review where we pin these popular seafood-to-door services against each other.

Here’s what other USA Wild Seafood team members had to say about Wild Alaskan Company:

I am a very picky eater and even more picky when it comes to fish. So far I have had the Soho Salmon and Wild Alaska Pollock. I was VERY pleased! The fish itself outside the packaging smelt so fresh. Not only was it fresh but it cooked well and tasted delicious!!! I would highly recommend this product to friends and family and even strangers who enjoy good fish 🙂
Jessica H.
Jessica H.
I LOVE Salmon! I've previously caught Wild Coho deep-sea fishing in Alaska - then the Sockeye, SMOKED Salmon/Lox…This was a great deal for a LOT of fresh fish to stock my freezer.
Layne K.
Layne K.
Some of the best tasting Salmon and fish I've ever had. Top restaurant-quality taste that has made me an instant fan. I will definitely be getting myself another batch!
Charles B.
Charles B.
I couldn't believe how much product and variety of seafood was in the package. My family couldn't wait to grill some Coho Salmon the same evening. It was absolutely delicious.
Jennifer R.
Jennifer R.
We live in the desert, so it is amazing to have the peace of mind knowing we are getting the freshest Alaskan wild-caught fish every time. Since receiving our first box, I have made so many new recipes. We even tried new types of fish that we had never seen in our local supermarket. Now we can have seafood any day of the week, not just on special occasions.
Krista S.
Krista S.


If you’re looking for excellent seafood, look no further than Wild Alaskan Company. We really like the idea of budgeting for seafood each month to always have some tasty wild-caught salmon or other fish on hand.

From the initial purchase to cooking and eating the fish, Wild Alaskan Company exceeded our expectations.

Aside from the product itself, we like that Wild Alaskan Company stands for something bigger than just conveniently shipping seafood nationwide, the company vehemently opposes Pebble Mine and strongly believes in sustainable sourcing of seafood. And that is why we can wholeheartedly recommend the company to you.


Am I locked into a subscription?

No, you can cancel anytime online. You could order one month, then pause for a month, then start again. Or you can do an every-other-month subscription. But most people want their salmon fix and love the monthly subscription.

How do I know the seafood is not farm-raised?

Wild Alaskan Company only provides sustainably, wild-caught fish. They go to the source, Alaska’s wild fisheries, and can trace the fish from landing all the way to your door. It is never treated with antibiotics or other supplements.

Will the fish spoil if I’m not home?

If you’re going to be out of town, you can easily pause your shipment for that month or have a neighbor hold on to it for you until you get back. But if you’re not home when the shipment is delivered, it can easily last until nighttime on your porch, even in the hot sun, because it is so well insulated.

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