Pebble Mine threatens so much more than just the Alaskan Salmon Population

If you can’t tell, we love wild-caught salmon. Really, we do. And you can find plenty of information on that elsewhere on our site. But this article is different because it represents so much more than just great-tasting seafood. You see, we value sustainable fishing practices and seek to show our support as a company […]

13 incredibly Delicious and Easy to Make, Fish Recipes

13 Incredibly Delicious and Easy to Make, Fish Recipes These recipes don’t disappoint, so get ready for good eats! So, you’ve got some fish to cook up and now are in need of the perfect recipe, right? We understand that scenario all too well, which is exactly why we scoured the internet to find the […]

Is fresh fish or fresh-frozen fish better?

Is Fresh Fish or Fresh-Frozen Fish Better? We didn’t know, so we decided to find out. The myth of “fresh” when it comes to supermarket fish If you’re lucky enough to be within a few miles of an actual fishmonger, well, give yourself a pat on the back because you played your seafood cards right […]

Is Alaskan Salmon Really The Best in The World?

Is Alaskan Salmon Really the Best in the World? Discover why it is the premium choice for seafood lovers. Settling for less than what you may want or deserve has never been a good thing, and salmon is no exception. For generations, seafood has been reeled in from all over the world bringing the question […]

13. Crispy Wild Alaskan Pollock

Source:’s time to make fish sticks a regular part of the menu. This recipe takes just under an hour from start to finish, but it’ll leave an impression that lasts a lot longer. The detailed instructions will guide you every step of the way.Estimated prep + cook time: 45 mins Get the full recipe

12. Baja Fish Tacos

Source: tacos are practically a gift from the food gods, and white fish (like pollock, cod, or something similar) will really bring this recipe to the top of your list.Estimated prep + cook time: 30 mins Get the full recipe

11. Pan-seared Halibut with Lemon Caper Sauce

Source: only 22 mins of total time required to make this meal, you’ll have plenty of time to reflect on how good it tasted. The lemon caper sauce really puts this one over the top.Estimated prep + cook time: 22 mins Get the full recipe

10. Heavenly Halibut

Source: the parmesan cheese and butter ready because there’s gonna be a party in the kitchen. This recipe adds some rich, cheesy goodness to give that halibut a big taste. Estimated prep + cook time: 25 mins Get the full recipe

9. Grilled Halibut

Source: now and then (or always, if you’re like us) you just want an amazing tasting recipe that won’t break the bank or take a lot of time. That is exactly where this grilled halibut recipe fits on the menu. It’s fast, delicious, and requires very little thought. Estimated prep + cook time: 15 […]

8. Easy Fried Fish Filets (white fish)

Source: you’re a fan of fish n’ chips or other fried versions of white fish (haddock, pollock, tilapia, cod, etc.), these filets may be just what you’re looking for.Estimated prep + cook time: 35 mins Get the full recipe