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Is Alaskan Salmon Really the Best in the World?

Discover why it is the premium choice for seafood lovers.

Alaskan Fishing Boat
Settling for less than what you may want or deserve has never been a good thing, and salmon is no exception. For generations, seafood has been reeled in from all over the world bringing the question of where one can count on finding the best salmon. And the biggest catch has gone to Alaska. There is a reason why the fish of this state have supported humans for thousands of years. Alaska is home to some of the most premier quality salmon you can find.
So how does Alaska become so well known for producing some of if not the worlds’ best salmon? Well, there are multiple factors that go into ensuring the wild salmon of Alaska exceed expectations.

As pure as ocean water can get

Let’s call it for what it is, Alaska is fish country. It is there that you will find some of the cleanest freshwater, and marine habitats. Because of this alone, there are abundant stocks of fish that can thrive in a sustainable, healthy, and clean state.

Keep in mind that Alaska is thousands of miles away from sources of contamination that typically pollute the food supply in other parts of the world. The salmon that grow in this states’ waters are not introduced to nearly as many pollutants as those that are caught closer inland or even farmed for that matter.

Five-Star taste

Alaskan Salmon

If anything, Alaskan salmon is known for its superior taste. The fact that the fish is from the wild, living in some of the cleanest water around the world, feeding on its natural diet that consists of different marine organisms that also naturally live in the healthier waters all contribute to what makes the texture and flavor of this fish so naturally appealing. There are no genetically modified diets that are being implemented on the salmon that could take away from its natural taste.


No question about it, natural and wild is always going to be better for you than farmed and modified. With Alaskan salmon the benefits are endless. These fish are full of hearty omega-3s, low in saturated fats, high in healthy fats, and nutritious all around.

As opposed to farmed salmon where they are being fed with modified diets, not to mention treated with antibiotics to try to combat diseases that can spread due to the crowded conditions they live in. You can count on wild Alaskan salmon having a very low level of contaminants compared to those that are farmed and harvested.

Wild and free

As small as a factor as this might seem, giving the salmon the chance to swim freely and mature at a natural pace without any modifications or mutations that could happen at farms makes all the difference. Alaska practices this so much that they even have regulations that ban them from logging too close to salmon streams to avoid impacting and enclosing any of the habitats that the fish live in.

Alaskan Fisherman

The Premium Choice

So what should you do now? For starters, go ahead and order some undeniably delicious Alaskan salmon from credible source, then cook it up and pay close attention as your mood gets better and your taste buds praise you.

See for yourself why everyone is saying that Alaskan salmon really is the best out there. Once you try it, you’ll realize why the salmon of Alaska, coming out of some of the worlds’ most pure waters, is unparalleled in not only the health benefits of it, the texture, but its natural flavor as well.

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